Alfonso Bögeholz Fuentes Biography

Alfonso Bögeholz Fuentes was born in Santiago of Chile in 1933. Between 1941 and 1955, he studied music privately and in the Conservatorio Nacional de Música, under the teachings of professors Armando Moraga Molina (piano) and Juan Orrego Salas (composition), plus all mandatory courses. In 1952 he won one of the first prizes at the National Piano Competition in Valdivia, Chile. In 1955 he began his studies at the Musikhochschule Köln (Cologne, Germany), under the teachings of Prof. Hans-Otto Schmidt-Neuhaus (piano), Ernst-Otto Wölper (theory and composition), Prof. Dr. Hans Mersmann (music history) and Prof. Maurits Frank (camera music). He finished his studies and graduated with a Concert Musician Diploma, with a complementary Pedagogy exam.

After returning to Chile, he was appointed as Piano and Music Education Professor by Universidad de Concepción, and Headmaster of this university’s Escuela Superior de Música.

Before migrating to Germany in 1976, he performed in several cities, such as Santiago, Temuco, Puerto Montt and Concepción.

In Germany, he became a piano professor at Bergische Universität Wuppertal in Bergische Musikschule of Wuppertal and the Rheinische Musikschule of Köln.

In 2012 he returned to Chile, and since then teaches music at Teatro Municipal de San Javier.

Compositions Premiered


Piano Suite at Conservatorio Nacional de Música, Santiago, Chile


Violin and Piano Sonata, at Conservatorio Nacional de Música, Santiago, Chile


10 Inventions for Piano at Musikhochschule Köln, Germany, published by “arundo edition, Köln”


Transverse Flute and Piano Sonata, at Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile, published by “arundo edition, Köln”


January: Songs on Rilke’s texts for Contralto and Piano, in „Nettchen-Bücken” Hall in Aachen, Germany, published by “arundo edition, Köln”

Other Compositions


Duo for oboe and bassoon, published by “arundo edition Köln”


Reduction for clarinet and piano of the Clarinet and Orchestra Concert of W.A. Mozart, published by “arundo edition, Köln”

Biography of Wolfgang Gebhard

Born in 1948 in Cologne; studied at the Cologne University for Music, first music education, then clarinet with Prof. Franz Klein; co-edited Franz Klein’s Staccato-Etudes, published by Peters Edition; studied German language and literature at the University of Cologne; taught music theory and clarinet at the Halewijn-Foundation in Antwerp, and clarinet at the Rheinische Musikschule in Cologne; from 1978 to 1985 directed school holiday orchestral courses in Belgium; from 1980 to 1985 member of the Cologne-based woodwind quintet Quintetto Sereno and of various other chamber music ensembles; from 1981 to 2005, following his second state examination, taught music and German at secondary school (Gymnasium level).

In 2010 he founded the music publishing house arundo edition Köln, specializing in music for clarinet, solo works and chamber music.

Biography of Georg Heike

Born in Lodz (in modern-day Poland) in 1933. Educated at Beethoven Grammar School in Bonn specialising in painting; seminar in twelve-tone composition. Studied Musicology, Phonetics, Communication Research and Psychology at the University of Bonn. Doctorate 1960 under Werner Meyer-Eppler. Attended Darmstadt summer courses 1956-1960. Concert (Kontarsky brothers, Christof Caskel & David Tudor) and lecture (H.K. Metzger, Kh. Stockhausen) organiser at the University of Bonn. Lecturer in New Music in Cologne with Stockhausen and Kagel.
Various performances 1957/58 in Bonn. New works performed since 1993 in Cologne and Aurich (Musical Summer in East Frisia). Professor since 1969 at the University of Cologne, Emeritus in Phonetics 1998. Composer & Painter to the present day.

Selected publications in the field of ‚Music and Speech’:

The Music of Speech and the Language of Music – texts set to music 1956-1998 (PFAU 1999)
Phonetic Aesthetics as a Science from the Communication Aesthetics in Speech and the Language of Music: (Publ. ‚ArtMusic’ – writings on ‚music as art’ Issue 9 (2007), pages 32-42)

Biography of Adolf Münten

Born in 1951 in Düsseldorf, studied at the Conservatory of Music in Cologne, Germany, initially music education (Schulmusik), followed by clarinet with Franz Klein and composition with Jürg Baur. He was assistant principal clarinetist of the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra 1977 – 2014 and held a teaching position for clarinet at the Cologne Conservatory until 2004. Chamber music continues to be the predominant focus of his compositional activity and, following a popular Classical tradition, he arranges well-known operas and other concert pieces for various wind ensembles (Harmoniemusik).